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6:49 AM.
" Sunday, July 26, 2009

YAAAAAYY these past two days have been one of the most memorable n greatest day in my jc2 life mann...firstly, to my beloved family and friends, MY MUM AND DAD, ALYBA, ALVINA, JELLY, XIOA HUI, ZERLINA, LAURA, and ANDREA!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS ONE OF MY BEST B'DAE CELEBRATION EVER!! XD

went to east coast park ystd to meet up with alyba, alvie, laura n drea to chat abit...den met up with my parents at arnd 7 to eat in this semi-atas place called the 'hong kong cafe' of smthn liddat...was quite atas cuz they even have this band singing for us...the food thr is not bad! haha the portions were quite big...and we had to rly force ourselves to eat finish the food(esp alyba who was suffering cuz she cant rly take sour stuff and e dish she ordered turned out to be sour -.-)yea but in the end everyone managed to finish their food (cuz veh expensive). ahaha! yea my parents said it was an early celebration kinda thing...but the food rly not bad mayb i'll go back thr again nxt time...

yea so my parents fetched alyba n alvie home...the journey quite long so we kinda nua-ed in the car...then suddenly, xioa hui called me said she wanted to conference call with zer n jelly. i said i cant cuz my parents wont allow >.< was kinda sad cuz usually the conference calls with them are damn funny wan can lyk, stay awake e whole night to talk until 4 am tt kind o.o haha yea...BUDDEN, the 'conference call' din turn out to be one after all! these neh nehs were actually at my house downstairs the playground there la! when zer suddenly called me at lyk, 10 plus, she was lyk, PEI HSIN HURRY GO TO YOUR BALCONY!!! GOT FIREWORKS!!! and i thought lyk, wah the national day stadium so far away can see meh?! ya but anw i ran to the window and looked up(fireworks mah!) den zer asked me to look down. OMG WHEN I SAW WAHT THEY DID I DAMN GAN DONG LA!!!! they used those tea leaf candles to make the words 'happy b'day' can!!!! SUPER SWEET LA!!! (although xh kinda predicted my house's location wrongly so frm my house i cant see veh clearly) YAH!! WAH I WAS RLY STUNNED/SHOCKED/SURPRISED CAN!!! totally caught me offguard la!! so i rushed down in lyk, my pyjammas (DAMN MALUATING). yea and they started singing me b'dae song...with a BAKERZINN CAKE!! (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OREO CHEESE CAKE!!!) wah it's damn nice!!! i ate quite alot >.< yea n they also gave me this domo-kun shirt, a kite, and a b'dae card!!! I DAMN GAN DONG!!!



THANK YOU ZER, FOR SACRIFICING YOUR TIME ON WATCHING BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!! yea i know how much you love that guy...ahahaha!!!

yea so last night was a great night!!! if i wasnt sick it would've been better tho >.<

and today, two more neh nehs appeared at my house! AHAHA they bought me a 'healthy' mango cake and a penguin water dispenser so i can drink 8 cups of water a day and get well soon!! THANK YOU ALYBA AND ALVIE!!! for your concern and your encouragement!!! yall are rly the best mann!!! we've spent lyk, close to 6 years tgt!!! btw thanks to yall, suddenly i find myself drinking alot of water -.- somwhow it tastes sweeter!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

yea and my parents bought me new clothes!!! oh man i feel so bad now cuz these clothes arent cheap >.< but i will treasure all my b'dae gifts n wishes alot!!! thank you everyone!! and also to those who wished me n stuff!!! thank you for making my 18th b'dae so special n memorable!!! XD I LOVE YALL YEA!!!! YALL ARE THE BEST YO!!! XDXD

i wanted to take pictures budden my camera got no memory space so in e end only manged to take e 'happy b'day' word >.< e rest of e pictures are with jelly and alvie!!! when i get my hands on e pictures i'll post em up someday yea!! XD

7:22 AM.
" Friday, May 15, 2009

hey worldd! below are some rants so yea...can skip it if yall want =D this happened a few days ago juz tt i recalled it and got pissed again D:

WAH damn pissed when i heard what she said la! please la so you think YOU'RE so great, ranking all the choirs like that! what the hell can stop thinking that we're stuck with YOUR kind of standard...we're WAY BETTER than the standard you gave us can?! so you think the elites will only be those few, and the others will FOREVER be that same, mediocre, sucky standard meh? GET A LIFE MAN, SERIOUSLY. we didnt work so hard for nothing okay. the problem doesnt lie with your choir but just with YOU. so you really think only BIG choirs get GWH? get real man, it's not the NUMBERS but the quality ok? oh, and btw dont act as if you know how the choirs and judged, and just because you dont get what you want, you become a damn sore loser and start blaming some of the judges for being first timers and thinking that if certain choirs get that title, the judging is SCREWED? The judges HAVE A REASON to be judges okay? you think they would just go give this privilage to any tom, dick or harry ah? use you fricking COMMON SENSE.

and btw, OMG, DONT rank us together with ppl like you can? the people here are lyk, MUCH MUCH BETTER than YOU. like i said, it's not your choir, it's just YOU. i know some nice ppl thr and they're lyk, a MILLION TIMES better? at least they dont go around BLAMING others for getting what they deserve. you ALWAYS find fault in others, but not with yourself. NO, you're PERFECT, y'noe. there's OBVIOUSLY NOTHING WRONG with you. (note the SARCASM??) YUP. cept for the fact that, everyhting about you is WRONG. from the BLOB parts to the OH-I-THINK-I'M-SO-FRICKIN-GREAT parts. you think you're so damn good. but this is reality yea? grow up. stop living in your own fantasies and learn to accept it man.

and please STOP contradicting yourself. it irritates the hell out of people, and it just goes to show that you're just blindly blaming others just because you're not happy with what you got. continue with this and you'll just end up nowhere. you havent heard ALOT of choirs sing, how can you even judge the standard? have you heard us? if you havent, then WHY ARE YOU JUDGING SOMTHING THAT YOU'VE NOT HEARD? doenst that just make you seem even more like a sore loser? you only have the right to judge any of us IF YOU'VE HEARD us on THAT DAY in VCH, not using the standard that was there a few yars ago.(tho in think a few years ago was also quite good, considering we're such a new choir.) times have change and so have us. we wont be stuck in your 'vicious cycle of choir rankings' cuz i noe that we can, and have the potential to do it. so you can wallow in your sore-loserness all you want. while all the others start to slowly climb upwards, you can go rank all of us. you'll just be stuck at the rock BOTTOM.

YEAH OKAY FINISHED RANTING!!!! AHAHAHA!!! sorry ah it's damn long cuz it's a few years of anger and irritation clumped together and something that she said recently that cause me to explode >.< haha! yesh but all my anger is out!! so happiness is coming in! shant let her make me angry for too long xD YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY tmr meeting alyba! after so many months!!! AHHHHHHH I MISS YOU ALYBA!!!!! T.T hahaha! can finally talk crap about random things again! know how much i wanna meet up with lyk, the 3 of us tgt? D: most of e time it's just 2 by 2 lor...haix...nvm la! MING TIAN JIAN!! HAHAHA!!

oh and i still not quite used to not going for choir after sch leh D: hahaha! OHNO! okay must hurry get over it! if not Mr chen's gonna hammer me >.< haha!

I LOVE STUDYING!! =D *tries to psycho myself*

3:47 AM.
" Monday, May 11, 2009

yayyy finally blogging after so long!!! and the main highlight of this post is, MJ CHOIR GOT GOLD WITH HONOURS!!!!! AHHHH!!!! GWH! GWH!!! GWH!!!! XDDDD FRICKING HAPPY LA OMGOMGOMG!!! 8D *goes into crazed mode*

and it's all thanks to the hard work, the sweat, the blood and the tears that everyone put in tgt!!! SO PROUD OF EVERYONE!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *is overwhelmed by several emotions* the seniors can finally step down satisfied and in peace!! wahhh i dun wanna leave choir!! I'LL MISS CHOIR DAMN BADLY SIA!!! >< all the funny times we spent in it, all the performances we went thru tgt, the vigorous training, the LOVABLE JUNIORS!! AHHHHH i'll miss choir so badly D:

still can rmb on syf day (5th may) wah everyone lyk kan chiong spider liddat...coming to sch early to to PT, den warming up and running thru the songs...it felt lyk some funny kinda dream tt juz happened in slow-mo initially, den suddenly POOF and lyk, we're on stage singing in front of the judges, in front of ppl frm other choirs, in front of some seniors and so many other ppl...it's lyk, still so unbelieveable! i was so into the song tt i couldnt even register how we sounded like on stage, and by the time it was over, i wasnt sure if we did it well anot...haha everything was lyk, happening too fast o.o

den after sch at 4.15, ming har, chong keng, joelin and me cabbed down to VCH for the results...wah the atmosphere there was damn tense la...and there were different choirs sitting all around us...den some of them were cheering cuz of the good results, some of them were emo-ing cuz they din do too well, den make me even more stressed >.< when the person announced MERIDIAN JUNIOR COLLEGE CHOIR, GOLD, WITH- wah havent honours yet we all started screaming alr! that was lyk, one of the happiest moments in mj choir!! cuz there were these mixed feelings of disbelief and happiness and bewilderment and i dunno wad all squashed tgt!! AHHHHHHH SO HAPPY!!! XDXD

okay so here are the photos

HAHAHA dinner with some of e juniors were damn funny..they kept making fun of jemimah and this lightbulb thing...the stickman with the light for a head represents jemimah!! haha and steph tried to imitate her by posing with it as her head..

yeap 5th may was really a very memorable day for all of us! XD MJ CHOIR ROCKS!! XD ME LOVES YALL!!! XDXD


9:01 AM.
" Thursday, April 30, 2009

HEY PEOPLE!!!! I HAVE FINALLY UPDATED MY UBER UBER DEAD BLOGG!!! haha for all those who still bother to come n visit my blog, eager to find new posts, YOU ARE REWARDED!!! XD

gahh these few days were nothing but choir n choir n choir n choir n more choir...OMG now i even have sounds of JOY stuck in my head wherever i go lah...it's sounds of JOY are dang-ing away in my head...D: hahahaha but! FOUR MORE DAYS PEOPLE!!! WE CAN DO IT!!! WE HAVE TO DO IT!! AND BRING GLORY TO OURSELVES, THE CHOIR, AND MJC YEA!!! MUST!!! >.< i really believe we have the potential to do it...haix now must see our mental discipline liao...

then again, if we get GWH, it brings both joy and sorrow...cuz, THE J2S ARE LEAVING!!! NOOOOOOOOOO OMG i'll miss choir lyk siao la!! it's rly the only place where i look forward to after school n everything...i'll really really really miss the days of singing tgt as a choir! esp with the lovable juniors D: awwwwwwww mann!!

ARGH. nvm la now focus on syf! hahaha MJ BOLEH YEA!!! WE CAN DO IT!!! WE CAN WE CAN!! XD

school is demoralising...nothing i do seems right...it's lyk, until now still cant find a proper study method tt is rly effective for me..damn scared for A lvls...haix..NOOOOOOO i'm gonna die soon D:

8:00 AM.
" Friday, February 13, 2009

YAYY i've come back to update my blog, which is collecting dust bunnies D: ahahaha so much happened during the holidays!!! lyk, going to batam with the choir for some workshop thingy...AND TAUPOKING ZER FOUR TIMES A DAY!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH tt's lyk, the funniest part...there's a video on us taupoking...can go view it on zer's blog XD HAHA!!!

sch for the past month have been a horrible experience...damn stressful, damn busy, not prepared at all. i feel lyk i'm gonna die alr...T.T screw everything T.T

TODAY'S VALENTINES DAY EVE! XD ( also firday the thirteenth o.o) jelly, xh, zer and i went to yuki yaki to eat!! was damn fun la cuz down thr muz cook all the food by ourselves, so we were quite amused by it...took lots of beef, dory fish and bbq chicken o.o xh was spamming mushrooms and jelly was spamming prawns (wth she ate lyk, TWELVE PRAWNS?!) -.- hahaha...the food thr not bad...proub of myself cuz i realise tt my cooking skills not as sucky as i thought it will be o.o OHOH the icecream is DAMN FUN TO PLAY WITH!!!! hah we keep making smiley faces and weird stuff on the ice-cream mixer thingy o.o den we ended up playing with the ice-cream instead -.- ahaha! but it was really quite fun! i wanna do it again!! hahaha!

got alot of random stuff from my classmates and friends in mj!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR V DAY GIFTS!!! i will treasure everynote i receive XD and i hope my mortal likes my present >.< it was veh last min but AT LEAST i gave him smthn >.<

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH nxt week's gona b a damn frickin sian week...hahaha but the j1s r coming for cca on tues!! wahahahaha can get to see their lovely faces...wonder how all of em will be like...

ARGH toradora's becoming emo-er D: minorin is lyk...so emo now lah D:

hahaha wah veh tired...din get to slp properly last night cuz was too busy doing v day stuffs -.- SLPET AT 4 LAH...so today muz slp early XD

yesh pei hsin's gonna slp now...so she can wake another lazy pigg up tmr to go library n study XD

gd nite world~!

3:51 AM.
" Saturday, December 06, 2008

HEY PEOPLE!!!! ahahaha havent been updating for a freaking long time o.o YAYY now tt i'm back online, i shall start updating! XD

ok so on 1st dec we had a performance with tkss!! vivace at the esplanade XD was super funn!!!! but quite sad too as it'll be our last performance in the esplanade T.T and this time we din get nice, cool rooms like the ones last time...hahaha but it's ok luh XD we celebrated xh's birthday in the morning! went alllllll the way to her house in sengkang (ahahaha i rmb e way xD) the shocked expression on her face was PRICELESS LAHH...hahahha! the below are PICTURES!!!! taken frm tt day XD some of em i take frm sandy's blog! she edited em so it looks super nice XD hahaha! sorry ah it's abit cluttered o.o but i almost nvr post pictures on my blog! den now suddenly got alot!!! ahahaha! XD

waiting for xh to get out of her house...

yayy!! XD

xioa hui's hand made cushion!! XD

dunno wad martin doing to jelly -.-

going batam tmr!!! cant wait (((:

5:29 AM.
" Sunday, November 16, 2008

haha read xh's blog n got this quiz frm there...since she wants me to do the quiz i shall do it! haha SEE I'M SO NICE XD

Three names you go by:
-Pei Hsin
-xioa hsin -.- (only david calls me that but he ALWAYS calls me that.)
got alot also too lazy to name em (like, "MOLE.") -.-'''

Three screen names you have:
-Pangsai Holder
last time still got alot but yea cant rmb.

Three Parts of your heritage:
-MJ choir
-Gua club

Three things that scare you:
-sudden movements
-gory stuff
-people feeling scared

Three of your everyday essentials:
-psp(for music)

Three things you're wearing now
-long pants(for sleeping -.-)

Three of your favourite songs:
-welcome to my life
there's alot more but cannot list em out cuz it's too many...hahaha

Two truths and a lie in no particular order:
-i'm more than 160cm tall (-.- obviously it's a lie)
-i love green tea ice cream!
-i'm rotting my life away on blogger now

Three of your favourite hobbies:
-listening to music
-talking to ppl ><

Three things you want to do really badly now:
-read smthn
-confess bout something o.o
-untangle something o.o

three careers you're considering:

Three places you want to go on vacation to:
-LONDON!! haha i realise it's all the dua pai one o.o

Three things you want to do before you die:
-tell my family n friends how much i love n appreciate em ><
-do stuff tt i'll nvr dared to do in my life o.o (cuz anw dying alr mah)
-write out a will? o.o

Three things that make you stereotypically a boy:
-i dont scream at bugs
-i cant shop for nuts
-i dont sit with my legs closed >.<

Three things that make you stereotypically a girl:
-i put make up (only during performances)
-i wore a dress (ONCE during prom)
-i like cute sutff o.o

Three people that you would like see take this quiz too:
-and anyone who's interested heh.

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